After several months of posting comments about lifestyles on Facebook, I have come to the conclusion that most people do not have any idea about what I am talking.  Their understanding of lifestyles is extremely limited; yet, in my opinion it is one of the most important concepts to understand because it explains who we are and how we became the person we are now.

What is a Lifestyle?

Heart Definition: The part of us that expresses our Soul.  It is essentially the future (Cause) relative to the Soul (Present).  It is where all of our living qualities reside or is stored.

Soul Definition: Our present self, that part of us always in the present, the expression of our Heart--that part of us that sees through our eyes and reads the thoughts in our mind.

Lifestyles are expressions of our heart.  All of us know that we began life with very few capabilities.  We couldn’t walk, run, do math, write our name, etc.  If we watch a group of people, we will notice that there are differences in the WAY they do a wide range of activities producing the same or similar results. 

Early in our life, we learn how to control our body; but, if you look at a number of individuals writing the same sentence, each sentence will have a different appearance.  That is because of the many factors that occurred early in life as they were learning to control their body.  It may begin with the Way to move one finger, the thumb, etc.  Each of those WAYs became a lifestyle for that person.  Then, when they learn to write, they must MARRY all of the individual lifestyles together to hold a writing instrument for writing.  That action becomes a new lifestyle supported by all the other lifestyles. 

At this time, the individual begins learning how to write.  It is difficult to say how many other small lifestyles may be involved in the eye-hand coordination process of writing; but I am certain there are many.  It is only necessary to realize that our capabilities begin small, grow in small steps, until all of those steps need to be unified for one large task.

Unfortunately, once learned, each lifestyle must be fed.  The food of a lifestyle is satisfaction.  First we desire to write our name, we then use all the lifestyles needed to do so, and we write our name.  That experience satisfies our need, and we are satisfied with the result.  If not fed, a lifestyle will begin to die while connected to the physical reality through the brain of the body.

If we remember back in time, though, we remember that we practiced writing individual letters first, then we began putting the letters together to form words, and eventually we formed sentences and more.  Therefore, at first, we intellectually go through a training process for the lifestyle until we become satisfied with the results.  Once satisfied, the training mostly ends; and, when we want to express the lifestyle, we don’t really think about it—it just happens according to the level for which we were satisfied originally.

Now, for one reason or another, some people are satisfied with relatively sloppy handwriting while others may only settle for a more beautiful handwriting.  There will be many more in between the two extremes.

Notice that all highly capable lifestyles are really the unification of less capable lifestyles.  It would be difficult to know just how less capable a lifestyle can become before it returns to the Bible's living water--unordered life.  A lifestyle is, therefore, ordered life.  Just as the smallest, physical ordered life producing our body is a living cell, I expect unordered life to be the spiritual template for a physical cell.

Summary: A lifestyle is born when we begin acting on our desire to experience something.  It determines the WAY we do what we do.  It is matured through intellectual reasoning.  Once matured, it expresses its purpose with little or no intellectual reasoning.  Lifestyles “work” together (marry) to give birth to a unifying lifestyle with a greater capability.  Each living entity consists of many lifestyles with higher order entities consisting of thousands of lifestyles forming the Soul.  It can be said that lifestyles are the “children” of the Soul.

Lifestyle Commonsense

It should be obvious that the range of different lifestyles is almost unlimited.  It should also be obvious that the value different lifestyles have in Society will be different.  Ideally, all lifestyles would support the highest purpose for any Society; but it would be foolish to believe that could happen accidentally. 

Therefore, the range in value for lifestyles will be from some negative value to a high, positive value.  The high value lifestyles would be those that would result in the death of, or would result in serious harm to, Society, if absent.

It is easy to determine whether or not a lifestyle is worthless by asking the question, “If no one in the entire World expressed the lifestyle, what would the World lose?”  If the answer is, “Nothing”, then the lifestyle is worthless.  Always, such lifestyles replace a lifestyle that has high value.  Basically, the same person can’t express both lifestyles at the same moment in time.

Society is a living organism and is governed by the same principles and truths of any living organism relative to its highest health.  If we considered how we would feel if a large portion of our cells did not function to support our body for maximum health, we could quickly see the harm in Society of legitimizing worthless, or even harmful, lifestyles.  Unfortunately, this has happened in all the societies Man has created because the self-serving nature has infected the populace and the leaders.

So far I have only discussed lifestyles from a secular point of view and what we actually see happening.  If we add GOD into our discussion, it makes common sense that HE would create a Reality that encourages the birth of and maturing of lifestyles with eternal value if they are of value to Society.  If we understand the concept of lifestyles and their value, it is much easier to understand Jesus’ words in Matthew 13.

Since high order lifestyles are born by the unification of lower order lifestyles, it should be obvious that situations occur where the lower order lifestyles are correct; but the higher order lifestyle of which they are a part can be worthless or even harmful to Society.  Essentially, what is good is used for an evil purpose.  This is what the self-serving nature does—use what is good to produce evil.

Lifestyles are always the result of choices—not DNA.  Again, that is a reason fabricated by the self-serving nature.  Genesis 3 explains the problem and what must be done about it.

First, the temptation occurs.  Then our feeling side (woman) refuses to listen to our intellectual side (male).  She then insists on experiencing the temptation knowing it is wrong (gives the fruit to Adam).  Our intellectual side has no feeling and cannot be tempted.  Temptation always comes, first, through the feeling side of our being.  If the feeling side insists on experiencing the temptation, our intellectual side understands how to make the experience occur.  Therefore, as stated in Genesis 3:16, the feeling side must obey the intellectual side and only experience what is known to be good.

We learn from Genesis 3 then that all of our lifestyles should be intellectually evaluated and deemed good before they are born and matured through experience.  This chapter has several other concepts to learn for understanding lifestyles.

All temptations come from the self-serving nature.  Try to think of one that does not.  All of us can remember times that we knew some experience was wrong, but we did it anyway.  Unfortunately, the more we ignore our understanding of right and wrong, the easier it becomes to believe what we want is justified (the self-serving nature is in control).

Naturally, young children have a childish intellect also.  That is why parents who understand right and wrong are so important.  A childish intellect has limited understanding of right and wrong and cannot guide the feeling side accurately.  The most important concept for any child to learn, though, is to listen and obey intellectual understanding.

In addition to parents, there are spiritual writings, historical writings, and several other sources for learning what is right and wrong relative to growing and maturing a strong Society.

Fortunately, even if we have born and matured many incorrect lifestyles, it is possible to return to the level of good lifestyles in us and begin giving birth to and maturing lifestyles of high value.

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