Enemy Within

The Enemy Within
Self-Serving Nature

Liberals/Progressives tend to judge everyone by the actions of one or two based on the labels they give the groups they judged. Judgement is usually made before the facts are known. They have a basic need to make themselves more righteous than others who use logic instead of emotions.

Liberals/Progressives hate facts that reveal the untruth of their professed beliefs because such facts make it difficult for them to continue to tickle their ears with the righteousness of their false beliefs.  

Liberals/Progressives have one main reaction when presented with facts discounting their pronouncements.  They begin name calling in an effort to put an unpopular label on the fact presenter(s).

Liberals/Progressives use name calling, political correctness, and similar tactics in an effort to by-pass the logical mind of others for the purpose of getting a self-serving response.  In that way, they attempt to bring others down to their low level. 

Liberals/Progressives always use emotion in an effort to make their beliefs more believable.  They believe emotion proves what they believe is true rather than logic and reality. 

Why do Liberals/Progressives believe as they do?  Because the self-serving nature's home is in the emotions; therefore, it must dominate the logical mind or it is likely to be revealed for what it is. 

The self-serving nature loves to focus on the bad rather than the good because that nature is the cause of ALL social evils. It loves to see its children fighting with each other by controlling Man's Soul to do so.

The self-serving nature deludes the Souls of Man into believing it is who they are. 

The self-serving nature is expressed through lawlessness and lies.  GOD's Nature is expressed through Principle and Truth. 

The self-serving nature is like an insatiable blob--the more you feed it, the more it wants.