Sunday, March 25, 2018

Man has two main sides for expressing himself--Intellectually and emotionally.

Which side does a Conservative tend to utilize the most?
Which side does a Liberal tend to utilize the most?

Consider that the self-serving nature resides in the emotional side of Man.

Once those two questions are answered correctly in light of the following statement, a lot of what we see in the political arena is easily explained.

Friday, March 9, 2018

It is easy to ask GOD to solve your problem through prayer.

It is difficult to ask GOD to guide you while you seek a way to overcome your problem because then you must work to find the answer believing the way will be revealed.

The first does little for spiritual growth. The latter can make a huge difference in spiritual growth.

How do you think GOD wants us to pray?

Thursday, March 8, 2018

The "looking on the nakedness of someone" Bible Concept.

This concept is violated constantly in Society. It is the practice of seeing a perceived weakness in someone that can be exploited for self-serving purposes and then taking the actions necessary to take advantage of the situation.

Much of political division is manufactured through politicians violating this concept. It is the reason behind abortion, illegal immigration, race, and similar circumstances that politicians exploit in their endeavors to gain power. For it to work such politicians must convince a considerable number of the targeted group that they need the politicians to overcome the weakness the politicians say they have. Additionally, it is necessary for the politicians to provide solutions that do not actually solve true weaknesses but keep the group in the situation the politicians say is bad for them. They do this by giving the group a way to survive by being less than they can be and make it difficult for them to try to be grow in independence by the way the politicians remove monetary support as the individual strives to grow in independence. In many circumstances the politicians don't use monetary support but legitimize lifestyles a group may want to practice that is worthless to Society and not the best lifestyle the group can practice in contributing to a healthy Society.

Let's understand what we see almost daily!